I found this to be completely true.

2 Oct

Video Killed the Radio Star…literally

Also, I just found this book today. I had to go to Barnes and Noble with my roommate to go find “Catholicism for Dummies.” I know, it’s kinda sad at a catholic school. But as I was saying.

Isn’t it perfect? I just had to buy it. The chapter include stuff like “how to interview a hip-hop artist when you’re the whitest person in the room.” I love it. It was kinda dumb that I bought it to think about it, because I really have no time to read other books besides what books I have for class. But who knows if I’ll find it again, and it was so me. Seriously. It was me. I already have a book series that I feel like speaks to me so much, but this is a real person. Now that’s pretty cool. The Jessica Darling series is the series that I connect with. If you are a teenage girl, I order you to read it. No matter what you want to be, or how pathetic or not pathetic you are. Read it. Seriously.

❤ Abby


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