Change is good

29 Sep

Yes, change is good. I thoroughly enjoy it, when it comes to television. First of all, I love Addison’s new show. Tim Daly is so adorable, and Addison totally moved down there because he kissed her. Oh, not to mention the other McHott fella, Taye Diggs! Private Practice is full of eye candy, and there’s still Christopher Lowell, who we best know from Veronica Mars. The only real criticism that I can think of is the fact that these women seem about as whiny as Meredith, and we don’t really need a show full of Merediths. One is enough. Sometimes more than enough.

Yes, back to my show. Seriously, I was sitting in my dorm room counting down the minutes during Ugly Betty, because as soon as it was over, and ran downstairs to the great room. Our friends were watching Smallville, and I gotta tell ya, that show’s freaking boring. But up the last minute, girls were trailing in, “what are you guys watching,” “we’re turning on Grey’s Anatomy in a minute,” and we heard them squeal. Funny stuff.

So it starts off with everything new, fresh, changed. The interns are residents (sans George) and Callie is Chief Resident. I thought that even though it was retarded that Callie got chief over Bailey, it showed how freaked out she gets under pressure, and the problem that everyone has with her. No matter what position Bailey’s in, she’ll still be their teacher no matter what. I loved that about it. And I think what showed it the most was that fact that all four of them took Bailey’s exact five rules and used them as their own. Alex was badass though. Cristina was badass, Meredith was …eh, and Izzie. I love Izzie, and I think that even though she got the “lame” case, it showcased what kind of person she is. I, for one, think that the kid’s dad was an asshole. He disgusted me.

I think my favorite part was though when Mark confronted Derek. “I didn’t come here for Chief, I didn’t come here for Addison, I came here to get you back.” It’s so gay, but so funny. Derek needs to mend the bridge though. He doesn’t have Addison to talk to, Burke, or Meredith really, so he needs a friend. Mark can be his friend, and I really believe that it could add an interesting dynamic to the show, a more lighthearted tone, and that’s what Shonda said that she was going for this season. She said she was going back to what made Grey’s so popular in the first place. She’s making all us followers happy. We’ve stuck with these characters through thick and thin, and we need some kind of a payoff.

So, yeah…what else?

Oh, right…GIZZIE!

But first, how much do I love Lexie…she’s kind of…awesome. She’s George’s new best intern friend. So he’ll be with Izzie and be friends with Lexie. I love it, but Mer was a bitch. She just walked away from her at the end. She’s your half sister, talk to her to whiny mopey beeyotch.

But, as I was saying.

My roommate and I just sat there when they cut to the final scene, Izzie in the house, and the doorbell rang. We both grabbed onto her blanket and clutched it so tightly until she opened the door. I swear, I could feel my eyes watering. They welled up with joy. I get that way when I get attached to characters. I really get attached to characters, which is why George could not leave last year. I wasn’t all that attached to Burke, so it was fine when he left for me. But when George said it to Izzie, “I love you too,” I think my heart might have skipped a beat. And I really don’t think that I’m exaggerating. I guess it just put it in my head that maybe I could have a love like that one day. Not an adulterous one, but a real one that came from such an organic place, that it couldn’t be fake. Wow, that was deep. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I can’t wait until next week.


❤ Abby


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