Recess is in session

26 Sep

Actually, it’s not. I wish.

Nothing worked out today, seriously. I went to go meet Linda this morning about the newspaper at 11 in the TUB, but guess what? She didn’t show up. I waited their for a half an hour, watching Kenny unload the commuter lunch, which was fried chicken and potato salad. It smelled delicious. But I sat there, waiting and waiting, wondering if she forgot or if she got held up somewhere. Then Kenny asked me who I was waiting for. I told him Linda, and that we were meeting about the newspaper. “Good luck with that,” he said. I’m not sure if he was kidding, but he sounded sincere. It just kind of disappointed me.

On the other hand, I finally found out who my conversation partner is. Her name is Yoshiko Watanabe; the email said Watanbe, but think they meant Watanabe. Oh well. It also said she likes sports, health and reading. At least I think it’s a girl. I don’t see why they would put me with a guy. But we had the tea party after japanese class today, but I drank cocoa. There was a guest speaker, who is self-published. Her name was Bobbi, and she read some selections from her book of short vignettes. That’s kind of what I want to write. I seriously want to write a book. But more of that later. I was so excited to meet Yoshiko, but she wasn’t there. Apparently, the kid in the office only sent the email out to some of the people, so I left after the speaker. I guess I’ll just have to email her for now.

Back to my book. I wasn’t kidding. I think I actually might call it “All That Jazz Woohoobidy…and other misprints.” That’s clever right? You can guess what it will be about…hmmm, I wonder. My journalism experience, starting with Outlook, and then maybe on to the Belltower. Who knows? But the title I thought was catchy. The misprints could be referring to the mistakes we made, or to ourselves. We’re the misprints. Hehe. I like it when books use interesting of important parts of the book as the title. I’m not much for overly creative titles or one-word titles that really don’t mean anything. I like really random titles. Hotel California would be a good title too, I guess. It wouldn’t make as much sense though, and it wouldn’t be as catchy, plus, I think that there would be copyright problems, seeing that it’s the title of an Eagles song as well. Oh well, I have plenty of time to think about that. But I really want to write a book, because it could make me some moola if it sold good. And I know marketing.

Gotta go to dinner.

❤ Abby


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