Lambda Delta chi omega…whatever, who really gives a fuck?

21 Sep

Apparently a lot of girls at my school do. I don’t know if it’s just me, but does the whole concept of a sorority completely cancel out everything Catholic? I guess that’s why they kicked out the two sororities at school, Lambda Chi Omega and Delta something. They just call it Delta, because that’s probably all that they can remember when they’re wasted–which is basically what they do. Lambda is the one that supposedly does all the community service, but they are the ones breaking girls down from pledge week. Girls have cracked, crying in the halls, not getting enough sleep, it’s ridiculous. Lambda has to wear blue all week and these heart necklaces with humiliating nicknames, and Delta has to where red all week and carry around water bottles covered in red and black duct tape.

Most girls say that it’s because of sisterhood and they want to feel like they fit in. I personally wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone that made me do thirty push-ups because I was late or makes me call them “co-pledgemaster.” One of them was like, “good afternoon co-pledgemaster.” And then she said “girls, say hello to your brother.” And they were all “hello brother Court.” Cult, much? And I thought that Outlook was a cult, but JESUS! And this is Catholic school. But the reason they got kicked out, it’s great, the school got sued because people got hurt and they’re grades dropped during pledge week. Some people in my classes are losing their voices because they aren’t getting enough sleep. And it’s not just the girls. They guys are in on it too, but they have their fraternities–Omega and Alpha something. Half of them are wearing shirts and ties, the other half dyed their hands red, and started letting off cherry bombs, no wonder they aren’t affiliated with the school anymore.

I’m just glad that Shelly and I decided not to even go to the open house. The girls from Lambda came and visited our room and told us about the community service and stuff, and we considered it. We were like, this is Catholic school, how bad could they be? But once we heard that they aren’t actually affiliated with the school anymore, we were like “no.”

Thank God, literally.

❤ Abby


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