So…I’m here

26 Aug

In college. Wow. It’s sure a new experience.

I’m sitting here, watching West Side Story with my new friends Ada and Kevin, and Shelly and I are both on our computers. Obviously we’re not as in to it as they are. But orientation has been great so far. Honestly. We’ve met some way cool upper classmen, and I’m really excited to meet everyone who’s in my journalism class. I hope that there’s a cute guy, who’s at least a sophomore, because all the cute guys that we’ve seen so far have been juniors or seniors. And that would be kinda weird. But the campus is great. We took a walk around the old track down past where the Monks live. Speaking of Monks…I met my history teacher today, Father Gerard, or Father G. Yeah, G. It’s way cool, because he talks about history like he was there. He and Mekao had quite a long conversation about Dwight Eisenhower.

Well, we have mass in the morning, at 11. And we get to go eat dessert at the President of the college’s house tomorrow. Yeah. We’re that cool.

❤ Abby


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