I always seem to write these things early in the morning.

22 Aug

Actually, quite late at night for me.

Well. I have a day left of home. One more day and I leave for college. Holy shit. But I had pretty much the best night I could have had the last late night I had at home. Cause tomorrow I’ll be packing…big time. First of all, I got to hang out with my three best friends in one day. It was pretty amazing. My friend Andrea came over and she ate my popsicles and we watched High School Musical 2. Pretty cool. But then my other best friends Caity and Laura, and my friend Gibson, and my sister, all went to Open Mic Night at this sandwich cafe in Tacoma. We actually didn’t watch a lot of it, but the fact that we were all together for the last time before going to college, was what made it awesome. We all shoved into Laura’s car and made our way down Pearl Street. They actually had really good sandwiches there, and they brought us our food, outside even. Laura wrote a song about Gibson and where we were sitting, and then she went off to talk to a cute guy that had been eyeing her all night. Then it got dark. We talked about everything. I mean, everything from DnD to Outlook to streaking. I’ll really miss that. We talked about streaking, we didn’t actually go streaking.

But I don’t want this to end, you know. I want to stay here forever, and not have to go on to adulthood. I wish I was Peter Pan. I’d never have to grow up, and could stay a kid forever. But then again, Peter Pan was a pretty lonely boy. All his childhood friends grew up without him. I guess I don’t want that. But it’s pretty scary thinking about it, going off into life without my friends. I’m not the best at making friends on my own, so I’ve always been the one who someone introduces someone else to. And they introduce me to that person. So it will be interesting, being in a whole new place, with only a few people that I know. I’m scared, but then again, I’m excited.

❤ Abby


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