First the good news, then the bad news

8 Aug

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I just had to start this one off on a good note. I mean…wow.

It’s just enough to offset the ultimate frustration that I have in America right now. BB8, absolutely maddening. Dick is such a Dick. He’s digging himself into a hole, and dragging Daniele down with him. So Dick, Daniele, Kail and Jen are working together, and Zach is pretty much with Daniele now, because of their stupid Nick connection. All Daniele is trying to do is take revenge for Nick. He’s gone, get over it. He has. I mean, the only thing that Eric did was vote twice for Kail. It’s retarded how much Dick and Daniele are overreacting. Now they’re trying to get Jessica in on it too! No! Eric and Jessica are perfect! Kail needs to go home this week. Then Jen, Dick and Daniele. Zach can stay, because he’s easily manipulated by anyone who befriends him, because he feels isolated and lonely. But Dick just won’t shut up. And he and Daniele are getting most of it wrong. Eric has not been pining for Nick to go the whole time, he’s not the mastermind, and he definitely hasn’t been playing all sides. Yeah, he was the two votes, but after Daniele figured that out, Dick planted all this crap into her head that it’s all Eric’s fault that Nick is gone. They’re the ones that voted Nick out! Hypocrites! Ugh. I’m just… so frustrated. Frustrated with America, for giving Eric dumb things to do, and at America for flying that stupid banner over the house. Whoever that is, they’re gonna pay…in bad karma. If Eric goes home this week, it’s all their fault.

And America’s also retarded for actually taking Barry Bonds’ record seriously. I mean, the man’s a beast He’s obviously been on steroids. And if the MLB doesn’t find him and Mark McGwire guilty, then they’re making a huge mistake. His record should either beinvalidated or completely validated and just overly publicized the he’s been on steroids to make America hate him. I just hope that A-Rod beats his record by the time his career’s over. He is the fastest player to get to 500 homeruns. He’s 32. Barry is 43. Alex has plenty of time. Yeah, I resent him for leaving the Mariners 7 years ago, but he’s not on steroids, and I’m rooting for him no matter what. He still started his baseball career with us.

I still think that Barry Bonds in a big phony, but this was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Jay Leno got Zac a ball signed by Barry.

It was so cute.


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