Deathly Hallows not quite to a close//Official Hairspray review

1 Aug

Okay, I haven’t finished Deathly Hallows yet, I know, I’m horrible. I had Girl Scout camp all last week and I was in Oregon for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, so don’t yell at me. I’m on page 410. I’ve still got almost halfway to go, but I’ll finish it tomorrow, I promise. I did go see Hairspray again, and Transformers today at the matinee. It was actually pretty good. From the looks of the previews I saw back in… January, I thought it would have been pretty retarded, considering it was based on children’s robot toys. But I very much enjoyed it. Not nearly as much as Hairspray, but I’ll get to that next.

As you can see, Hairspray has been one of my favorite films of the year, and my favorite of the summer so far. How much I enjoyed it surpassed the anticipation I had for Harry Potter 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, maybe not combined, but still! I had seen the play twice before, so naturally, I had to see the movie twice to get the full effect, and Hairspray didn’t disappoint the second time around, even if my friends and I arrived 10 minutes late. I missed the “Oh, oh ohs” and the “Nicest kids in town,” but all the “motion in the ocean” made up for it in the end. “You can’t stop the beat” couldn’t have been a better ending to a better movie. With all of it’s bright colors and cheerful songs, I didn’t even need to eat all the candy that I brought with, it filled my soul up with enough sugar.

I, already as a fan, couldn’t help myself from mouthing along to the songs. I restrained myself from actually singing them, seeing as it would greatly annoy my neighbors in the theater. But you have to admit, you all found yourself singing outside the theater, and downloading “Without love” off of iTunes when you got home. I Torrented it, so I went the illegal way. I’m too cheap. I already had to pay 9 dollars to go see the movie, I wasn’t going to pay the $11.99 with tax for the soundtrack. Besides, I already had the original Broadway soundtrack, so this was just a follow-up. Speaking of the Broadway version, the film stayed very true to the original musical, which kind of strayed away from the 1988 John Waters quirky film, but the one thing that made this version even cheerier than the play–John Travolta, in a fat suit. This was his second musical in his entire career, and he played Edna, simply magically. He and Christopher Walken brought such a sweet disposition to their relationship that Devine and Harvey Fierstein had both since missed. I did enjoy the Jerry Stiller cameo as Mr. Pinky. It seemed an even better part for him than Wilbur in the original.

Now I must stop gushing about the experienced ones. Two words. Nikki Blonsky. Who would have known that this was her first film and that she’d been working in a cold stone creamery just over a year ago? Without IMDB, none of us would. She blew me away as Tracy. I mean, I thought it was hard enough to find the right kid to play Harry Potter, and somehow Hollywood managed to do that, but Tracy I thought would be impossible. But they did it, and Nikki fit that ratted wig to the T. She pulled off all the songs, and she and Zac had an undeniable chemistry as lovebirds Tracy and Link. And how cute was Zac Efron with that Elvis curl of hair? I mean, I was very biased at first against him, only seeing him as Troy Bolton (blech) but this kid has got some chops. Singing and acting chops. He’s even impressed some producers into talks of a Footloose remake. Apparently, Zac Efron has “MUSICAL” written all over him. And I think that Hairspray did a much better job of showing off his singing abilities than HSM. In the Disney film, the directors super-imposed his voice with another boy’s higher voice, to make him sound different. I much preferred Link deeper, silkier voice than that of Troy’s high school musical shrill.

But even more surprising than Zac’s unexpected singing ability was this unknown kid with amazing dance moves and an amazing voice. Who is this Elijah Kelley, anyway? I’d never heard of him, until the Hairspray special on Oprah, when he told the whole world of his Hollywood dream, where he and his parents moved to LA to pursue his dream. Boy has it paid off. Now he has a record deal, and well deserved, much unlike all the Disney stars with records deals (think Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale…) Elijah was the shining star when it came to vocal ability, even more so than the original Seaweed, whom I don’t even remember the actor’s name at the moment. Elijah brought a much more memorable performance, and a little more sex appeal to the role.

Now, am I forgetting anything? Michelle Pfieffer was amazing as Velma von Tussle, but would didn’t expect that? Queen Latifah fit Motormouth perfectly, like that’s old news. Okay, so even though I was expecting amazing, spectacular, marvelous, heart-warming, I was a afraid that I was going to disappoint myself. But Hairspray blew my expectations out the window, and all through Baltimore.

Once I’m done with HP, I’ll be back.


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