I just went and saw Harry Potter…

11 Jul

…and it was amazing.

I wouldn’t say the best one yet, but Harry was the best he’s even been. Daniel surprised me in the fact that he angsted Harry out very well, without being too emo (see Peter Parker’s alter-alter ego). Afterwards, my sister and I kept repeating the line, “I just feel so angry all the time.” Angst, angst, angst, angst. The only problem with the film was the lack of Ron and Hermione, both of whom seemed to have been reduced to secondary characters, which all Potterheads know is bollocks. Ron and Hermione are Harry’s shoulders. Okay, Harry is his own backbone, but without shoulders, he’s just a spiny, one-dimensional…backbone. The overwhelming amount of Harry’s emotions made the film feel a little narcissistic if you ask me. It was like, “oh whoa is me, I hate my life, Umbridge is a bitch, let’s rebel!” But then again, I felt the same way about the book too. Imelda embodied the evil that is Umbridge–which was exactly what the movie needed. If she’s hadn’t made her as undesirable, then Harry’s angst would have been without reason.

Now, as a Potterhead myself, I am biased, yes; but the director must know that the Potterheads are the main audience. This film at least stayed true to the book, unlike the 3rd film where Alfonso Cuaron was just dying to put some sex in the film, he said it himself. Everything about “Phoenix” stayed true to the book, but there were a few BIG things left out. I, for one, miss Quidditch. I miss the snitch, the bludgers, the seeker, and and the beaters; I can understand how they basically kept it out of the fourth movie, but there actually was a storyline with Quidditch in the fifth book. I distinctly remember. I know it has no importance in further developing Harry’s story, and it is a 2 and a half hour film. But come on, you can’t forget all about it. But I will admit that if they had put everything in, I’d still be sitting in the theater, on my second round of energy drinks, and it’s 3:06 am on the morning of the 11th.

So, as just a film, I’m very pleased. The music fit right, the cinematography was more edgy than before, the acting (especially from Daniel) has grown immensely, and the story moved along well. As a book-to-film, I’m luke warm. The only real good part about the not-so-book feeling of the movie is the fact that Daniel Radcliffe has turned into quite a fetching young man. Who’oulda thought that Harry Potter would become a sex symbol?

There, that’s my take on the film. Now see it for yourself.


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